A+. Just finished my second class with Jenna and I feel great. After being without yoga for over 10 years, Jenna has guided me towards rediscovering my love for it. With Jenna, you can feel the workout deep in your muscles the next day while feeling more balanced and centered.
– Jeremy  (Coach Up Client)

As a birthday surprise to my boyfriend, who is new to yoga, I wanted to plan a private session for the two of us so that he could feel more confident in his practice and so that we could both get more personal attention and posture corrections. Jenna was fantastic and really got our morning off to a great start. The session felt full and covered all the basics and her instruction, explanations, and corrections were all so helpful. Plus, she’s very kind, personable and encouraging. I would very highly recommend her and we’re looking forward to working with her again.
– Kelly  (Coach Up Client)

Jenna is a remarkable yoga instructor that incorporated meditation into the practice. I wasn’t expecting this but it was exactly what I needed. I feel great and am thankful for her strong adjustments and directives. I have never been to a class but doing more sessions with Jenna will certainly get me back in the shape I need to be to join a fast paced class. I can’t wait to work with Jenna again and will be referring her to friends. Book her now, you will be thrilled you did! 🙂
– Jasmine (Coach Up Client)

Jenna was an excellent coach! I was so scared to try yoga in a regular class and opted to take a private instead. Jenna was exactly what I was looking for. She broke down the postures for me and gave incredible adjustments. A few more sessions with her and I will feel at ease about entering an actual yoga class. I can’t wait to work with her again!
– Sarah (Coach Up Client)

Jenna is absolutely amazing! And working with her on meditation has been wonderful. It is such an important part of my day now and I’m looking forward to learning more from her. Her energy is inspiring and I feel so lucky to have found her.
– Andrea (Coach Up Client)

After researching teachers I set up an appointment with Jenna. When the session started you could tell she was very knowledgeable respecting my prior injury, while still pushing me to get a great workout. I definitely recommend Jenna and look forward to the next appointment I set up with her.
– Matt (Coach Up Client)

Jenna was a wonderful yoga instructor. I set up a session for her with my wife and my wife raved about her. She tailored the lesson to my wife’s needs and they seemed to have a great relationship. Can’t wait to work with her in the future.
– Josh (Coach Up Client)

Jenna is an excellent coach. She has a friendly and confident aura that puts people at ease. Jenna provided expert guidance, made helpful corrections and moved the session at just the right pace. She can help anyone from beginner to expert. I recommended her to my friends.
– Joe (Coach Up Client)

Jenna is the best yoga instructor I have met! She has a nice character, lots of patience, amazing attitude, and deep understanding of ones individual needs. Truly recommended!
– Akita (Thumbtack Client)

Jenna was great. Knowledgeable, friendly and professional.
– Travis (Coach Up Client)